Second Chance Veterans Charity Free Wheelchairs Ramps And Handrails For Colorado Veterans

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​About Second Chance Veterans Charity

​Second Chance Veterans Charity was started when a neighbor of one of the founders of the charity needed a wheelchair for mobility.  The 93 year old veteran of World War II took daily walks with his wife in their neighborhood.  One day he noticed that the veteran was not out walking with his wife.  His wife said that his legs wouldn’t work anymore.  He did not qualify for a wheelchair from the Veterans Administration.  At the same time, he received a call from an Honor Flight officer saying they had a nice electric scooter and could he find a veteran who could use it.  

They picked up the wheelchair and delivered it.  The veteran was like a kid at Christmas riding around his house.  However, he still could not get out of the house.  So, with the help of the VFW & the American Legion and donated materials from Home Depot, a handicap ramp was built in his garage and he was able to get out and go around the community with his wife again.  He unfortunately fell a few weeks later and broke his hip. He only lasted a few more weeks. His widow wanted to re-donate the electric scooter to another disabled veteran.

With the help of other veterans’ organizations, Second Chance Veterans Charity found another 93 year old WWII veteran that needed the assistance of an electric scooter.  That is how the program got started.  Word got out and a total of 18 donated power wheelchairs and scooters were received.  

Our purpose is to provide free power wheelchairs & scooters, repair and provide new batteries, if needed, to disabled veterans needing mobility. It doesn't matter when your service was.  It doesn't matter if your disability is war-related. It just matters that you served and you need help now. There is no cost to the veterans.  The only requirement is that when the chair is no longer needed, we ask that it is returned so it can be made ready for another veteran.

We also provide housing modifications to veterans who may be in need of a ramp in to their house, doors widen for wheelchair accessibility and other improvements to make life easier.