Thank you to all who gave to us during the Colorado Gives Campaign for 2017.  We appreciate the support and it all helps with our mission!


Second Chance Veterans Charity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Colorado dedicated to improving the quality of life of American Military Veterans who are disabled.

We provide free power wheelchairs and power scooters as a service to disabled veterans of America in Colorado.  We also provide adaptations for veterans such as ramps, widening doorways, fire alarms and other safety issues that disabled people cannot replace themselves.  These modifications are at no charge to the veteran.

Some veterans are waiting months to receive help from the Veterans Administration or do not qualify for wheelchairs and special adaptive housing, even though they have a need.  Second Chance Veterans Charity provides wheelchairs, special adaptive housing and other programs for disabled American military veterans at no cost to the veteran.  Our main program is repairing donated power wheelchairs & scooters and adding new batteries if needed. They are then donated to disabled veterans needing mobility free of charge.  The work is paid for by donations. The only requirement is that when the chair's no longer needed, it is returned so it can be made ready for the next veteran.

We will help any veteran that needs mobility.  It doesn't matter when your service was.  It doesn't matter if your disability is war-related. It just matters that you served and you need help now.